About AmalgamCS


"The Why":

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AmalgamCS is an IT Solution Development Firm that prides itself in helping people better utilize technology.

We believe in utilizing our technical expertise to assist you in achieving more

Technology has become such a powerful force in our daily lives. Our goal is to keep up with the latest ideas and work together with organizations to deliver well designed solutions that are tailored to their business needs.


How we operate

Build Relationships

We like to make business feel easy and natural. Through meetings with stakeholders and ongoing communication, we aim to build a unique relationship with each of our clients. We believe that this leads to the best outcomes for both sides and makes doing business together a pleasant experience.

Manage Projects

To deliver the best solutions to our clients we believe in utilizing the latest and greatest ideas in project management. As a development firm, we believe in using the Agile methodology to produce quality solutions efficiently.

Support & Communication

Throughout the development cycle we aim to be transparent and clear about the necessary information so that clients are aware of any major actions in the development lifecycle. Once solutions are implemented, we will continue to show that we value the professional relationship that was built during the development process. Ongoing support will ensure that a great solution continues to be a great solution for years to come.